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US & Canada Tax Regulation for payment in Paypal to India Bank Account

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I am based out of India and have incorporated  company in India. I am launching e-commerce store catering to USA & Canada customers only. The customers will place an order and make payment to my paypal business account via e-store. The amount then will be transferred from my Paypal Business account to my India Bank Account. I have visited Paypal website to understand the transfer and fees charges by Paypal which is clear to me. However I am unable to understand the FIRC (Foreign Inward remittance certificate) and FATCA. Is there any Taxation applicable in USA for payments received from USA & Canada Customers? Do I need to pay / get audited for taxation in USA? Do I need to incorporate company in USA and open a Bank account there for receiving payment in USA Bank Account before transferring it to India Bank Account. 



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