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Thank you PayPal

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Hello PayPal,
I just want to thank you, having been a loyal PayPal business client over 10+yrs. Have seen your site improve over the years, having no real issues with it. And above all, it's so secure, not just for me, but for all of my clients processing payments! We don't process many transactions, but ones we do are typically larger amounts, and can actually look & feel how secure it is, just as good as Chase, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo!

You guys I know spend much $$ with keeping your site so secure, and we all appreciate it. This means a lot out here, conducting business transactions. Your continued security is paying off with majority of public today. Most people are aware PayPal is a very well respected, secure site, as I'm a big advocate out here also. Trusting credit card numbers is so secret, and you guys continue keeping them out of improper hands, with so many transfers.
Hats Off & 5 Stars!
Thank You Again!
Cal Phillips
Denver painters, & Denver painting contractor's services 

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