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Send and receive money in Nepal by PayPal

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Send and receive money in Nepal by PayPal

Hi , I am Dipendra from Nepal. Phasing we are , big problem here that is I can't receive any funds with direct bank deposit . Can I use PayPal as Safe . We don't do anything from Nepal . Just I revealing with you that we can't access any online things such as , Domain registration and hosting purchase, E-commerce websites, freelancer jobs , or any more who use PayPal . So please, Nepalese people are phasing big problem In Nepal 80% people are using Internet out of 100 Please please help me . When I read many blogs on the question of why paypal isn't supported yet in Nepal The answer is out , According Nepal Rastra bank , No any Nepalese can access their sending and receiving as a International way . Because we don't have any debit with aren't direct link with international. Can share you something that is very good working for us and we use PayPal as Safe in Nepal. The only receive payment through as Payoneer mastercard. We have any mistakes from us , please forgive me Here we speak Nepali not a English

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Re: Send and receive money in Nepal by PayPal



Paypal does not support payoneer, you can sometimes add it but it won't work properly and paypal advise against trying.

You can't add a local bank account in your country.
You can only add a linked card.

The option to 'receive' paypal payments is sadly not available in your country.
You can only 'send' payments for purchases.

Click on the link below and select the country you want from the drop down list for options available in that country.

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