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Safe way to scam in paypal?!!!

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So i have very strange situation. Maybe someone can help me. I am selling items in ebay and few months ago I sold brand new iphone in ebay. And I sold it to buyer from Russia. He created brand new account and bought item. And at that time there was lot of these buyers, and I didn't know about this scammers so I was part of it. So situation is this. He bought item and when he received he claimed that he received Xiaomi band 4 and not iphone that he ordered. He sent me photo of it. Item is way more different from those that we have here. Different EAN different packaging. So it is 100% scam. I reported it to eBay and they blocked that buyer as he was in high risk and tried to scam me. Everything was okay. Until he opened case in paypal...

I provided all information to paypal also. So they told me that best solution is that buyer sent item back (not iphone that was sold originally, but xiaomi band that he claims he received) After few weeks, buyer declares that items was delivered to me and he wants his money back. And what do you think... Yes, paypal refunded to him. But this is not the worst. Tracking number that buyer provided shows.. that item isn't delivered to me.. and paypal do not care about it. I am trying to tell them that tracking number shows undelivered item, i do not talking about that he trying to sent different item. He is trying to sent me back xiaomi band. 

So i do not know what to do know. Is it really that easy to scam with paypal?? Just open new account, buy something expensive (like iphone ~900$) tell paypal you received different item and that is it. Open new account and repeat until you are happy. Because paypal do not care about scammers. 

But what is worst. that they are telling that this is safe place to do business. So it is safe or not? 

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