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Hi I had been on line and seen these tablets for the washing machine, had seen them On before was like flash ups on my iPad so this night I thought right ok I will bye one packet and for what ever reson it took out 3 different payments, I was not happy that this had happened but I thought I will speak to PayPal on the phone they said not to worry .Time went on and on and one night I received a payment back the cheapest off them all £8.25 so I went back on and said I have only received one payment back so I asked we’re is the other two that said because that they were paid all separate that they it would be dealt with separately then one night I got another payment back off £8.99 but nothing on my £13.41 mean while nothing from the company finally fresh all I got from them was it’s with customer support that they were looking into it nothing no word months passed nothing delivered from finally fresh no prouduct nothing know the last one from PayPal and one night I received a notice from PayPal saying that they were giving tracking number and said that it was delivered so I had asked them if they could provide me with a signature I have tried to get PayPal and not having any luck what can I do

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