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I bought a trian ticket through PayPal and the train is cancelled. I deleted my paypal account after booking the train ticket. Now, how can I know the status of my refund and how do I get my refund.


PayPal Employee
Hi @Shakil5 Welcome to PayPal Community. I know it's really important for you to get your money back from the cancelled transaction. The first thing that I suggest for you to do is to contact the merchant or the company so you can request for a refund. You may find the merchant's contact information (email address) from the email confirmation that we've sent you or from their website. If you won't get any response or still has issues reaching out to the merchant, please reach out to us by clicking the CONTACT link found at the bottom part of your PayPal page so you can see the available communication support channel in your country/region in that way we can help you in filing a dispute. Hope this helps. Keep safe!

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