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I took an online course for daycare. I was told by email to call the company where I took the course from. I call the next day and was informed that I didn't pass the exam. I said ok.... I then asked to speak to a manager. I was told also by him that I didn't pass the exam and would need to retake it. I then said, I haven't seen the test results or the right and wrong answers so therefore how do I know if I passed this class or not. Then manager said to me because I said so. He became very personal. I was told that I could retake this exam and I have 365 days to do so. That's fine in all, but how do I know that I didn't pass the first time without any proof. I am not comfortable with this manager and I just want a refund so I can go somewhere else to take my class.... What do you all think?



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Hello @Barbie1965. That is quite interesting. Although, from my experience as a customer and as a retail/fast-food employee, sometimes it's just simply not being clear or not asking the right questions. In most scenarios, if a manager tells you to do something then it must be done to a federal and local legal extent whether you are an employee, customer, buyer, student, etc. Although, I would recommend getting professional legal help to find what a company can and/or can't do.


Have you tried to go in again but calmly - calmly - ask "Can I have my test results on paper?" If they don't give out one's results then the reason probably - probably - is because they don't want people to cheat - not all tests change on a regular basis. And, if you still would like a refund, ask for one but if the manager comes out and says that they won't issue it then just walk out because continuing to persist doesn't or shouldn't work. I have seen people who have found themselves in a world of hurt because I had no choice but to say no. At the time, I had to say no because either it was against my employers policy or the manager has asked me to. I don't blame the manager, I mostly blamed the people who abused the store's system when the policy didn't originally exist or the manager has asked us to.


Btw, PayPal only covers you for physical products, unauthorized transactions, and certain pre-approved purchases located in PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. To access the policy, login to your PayPal account -> click on "Legal" at the bottom of the next page -> click on "PayPal User Agreement" -> the last link to click on is "Acceptable Use Policy" and you will find a list of services that require preapproval from PayPal. If it's not there, then you won't be able to get a refund through PayPal's Resolution Center. If it is there, then you can go to to file a claim.


Good luck @Barbie1965 and let me know how it goes!

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Hi Barbie1965--If I'm understanding your post right, it sounds to me like they aren't accredited or a scam.  Not very professional in their response to you; I'd do some extensive research on their 'school'...check Ripoff Report or just google the name of the place along with "scam" and/or "issues" to see if anyone else has had problems with the place.  Then I'd file a dispute and take further action.  Just my 2cents.  Good luck.

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