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Receiving funds

New Community Member
Posted on
Hi all, I have had a successful sale on eBay and says that it's been paid however there are no funds showing to confirm the buyer has paid. Is there a delay in receiving funds?

Receiving funds

PayPal Employee
Hi. Thank you for reaching out to us. Normally it would show up immediately whether the status is completed, on hold or pending. You also must receive an email confirmation that the payment was successful initiated by the buyer. Kindly contact the sender ask for the transaction id number which can be found on there transaction history log. You have to make sure as that the sender made the payment as Goods and Services that’s for you to be protected. Let us know what happened. Here’s how to reach us again. 1 Log on to account 2. Click HELP at the top menu. 3.Scroll down and click CONTACT US. 4.Scroll down to click EMAIL US or other contact options.

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