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Post office problems

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I run a small repair shop at my home and i order a lot of parts to fix peoples mowers, atv's, tractors and boat motors the problem is when my item gets to my post office in Louisiana they will not put the item out for me to pick because it does not have my post box number on the item it has my Street address so they want to return it back to the sender. The sender shipped to my street address by fed ex  the guy then took the item to the post office and left it there . But the person i bought the item from does not ship to p o boxes so why did the guy in the Fed ex truck drop my item at the post office why not at my house ???    THIS HAS HAPPENED 4 TIMES TO ME  If a person gets his or her mail from a p.o box number then the package should also go to the p o box number  these two address's that they all ask for is causing a lot of PROBLEMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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