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Possible solution on buying a product from an old fashion company?

New Community Member

Possible solution on buying a product from an old fashion company?

Hi Community


Recently I'm trying to buy a product from from a company, but they're only accepting some of the payment methods below. I'm living in Hong Kong, outside The states, and don't have a US bank account. Is there is a solution I can utilize with my US currency in my paypal account? I don't mind to pay a bit of handling fee, but is there is a online third platform or something that can do this?


Also, sorry that I'm not quite familiar with how international bank transfer work. I only remember I did it once or twice in my life. From what they've mentioned, do they meant they can accept international bank transfer? I've already email them for inquiry, just waiting for their reply, so checking out as well if there is something I can do with using Paypal.


-------- below is a quote of their info on their website --------

For all international orders, please place your order on our secure shopping cart. For your convenience, all International orders (except Canada and Mexico) can now be paid by wire transfer as well by prepaying with a check or money order in U.S. funds.

If you select to pay check or money order, once we receive your check in the mail, we will e-mail you confirmation that we have received your payment and exact delivery time will be given at that time. You may cancel your order anytime before your order is shipped. A 30 day return policy applies if you are not satisfied with your merchandise.

If you choose to pay by wire transfer, please select check or money order option when placing your order. On the following business day, we will get in touch with you via e-mail and/or fax to obtain your necessary bank payment information, account routing number,etc.
Depending on the country you are from, it may take up to 10 business days to obtain the necessary documentation.

Due to high credit card transaction fee and security reasons, we deserve the right not to use credit cards for International shipments.

-------- end of quote --------


Thank you for answering!