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I am new to paypal and wanted to know if money in paypal account is used to make purchases, however, i have funds in paypal account but payments are coming from my bank account at the same time, for example, if £20 taken from paypal account, £20 is being taken from my bank account aswell, is this right? Any help would be helpful


PayPal Employee


Welcome to Community Forum! 

If you identify a billing issue with a transaction on your account, we encourage you to report it in the Resolution Centre as soon as possible.   


You should be charge  from the funding source that you have selected upon making your payment. So if you have selected your bank account, the payment should be deducted from your bank account and not from your paypal balance and vice versa.


I attached a link that included the steps on how you can report it so you can report it to us. 


How do I report a PayPal billing issue? 


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