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Payment in escrow but can't get hold of buyer

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I received a payment from someone on Sunday evening for an item he has bought off me and I understand the money is in an escrow account. I have been trying to get hold of him for 2 days about postal information to send the item but am getting nowhere and as it came through gumtree I don't have a mobile or direct email address for him. If I send the item to the address he has provided and send paypal proof of postage does that mean the money leaves the account automatically or does he still have to authorise it in which case I don't feel comfortable sending it to him. Any advice would be great, thanks


Payment in escrow but can't get hold of buyer


Hello @coraliemoore,


Thanks for sharing your question with the PayPal Community. What you described sounds like a common scam. When a payment is sent, the funds should be visible in your PayPal account. PayPal will not ask for the tracking information before the payment will appear in your PayPal account. I recommend not sending the item until you see the payment in your PayPal balance. That is not very likely if this individual is trying to trick you into sending them the tracking. 

You can confirm if the email you may have received is fake by forwarding it to "". 

 Here is a link with more information about common scams and how to spot them:

- PayPal_Rich

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