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PayPal escrow?


PayPal escrow?

I am purchasing a caravan and the seller is shipping it to me, he has sent me an e-mail with a link to PayPal live help and I’ve to seNd the funds to an international account in Spain (PayPal’s escrow) and when the caravan arrives I have 5 days to inspect then the funds will be released to him? Does this sound right? I’m a bit dubious about sending £5600 to a bank account?
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Re: PayPal escrow?



Its a SCAM.


If you send to a bank account then you are not using Paypals site to make the payment.

Paypal does not do escrow.

No funds in your paypal balance means the buyer HAS NOT PAID.

The email you sent is probably to a FAKE help site (they have phones and live chat all fake that users mistakenly reach if they use google to search for paypal phone numbers etc) The only way to get the real paypal is by using help/contact bottom of paypal pages.

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Re: PayPal escrow?

hi im going through this now may I ask did u sort it ? did u send the money and receive  your caravan ?