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Need to sue PayPal but cannot go to small claims court due to health issues

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Is there the lawyer or someone who can help me I need to sue PayPal due to their neglect they keep changing when they owe me the money that I bought through them on my PayPal card and they knew this person was a scammer and they allowed this to happen to me I ordered a cat power for my cat on May 2nd 2020 they say that I will get my money back on May 31st 2020 before that it was supposed to been May 16th 2020 now they changed it a week and a half ago to June 6th 2020 still no f u n d s and they owe me $26.89 and I want it today it came out of my social security check these people allowing scammers to take our money and I believe that PayPal involved they're not respecting no one you can't talk to no one on the phone and you can't email them so why are they even working I turned this in to Better Business Bureau and I will do it again PayPal give me my money I'm going to turn you into social security for stealing my f u n d s

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