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First, I have not been able to receive any help thus far from the seller nor PayPal; Why are my orders not showing up on PayPal? I have 3 PayPal receipts and have not gotten any tracking information about not one of my items which I purchased a few weeks ago. What is going on? One Item from the two items ordered on Etsy was to be an error which I did receive word from the seller stating that the item will be refunded and not shipped however, the other item hasn't shipped yet. The seller said no items are being shipped out of India. What is that? I thought shipping was an essential duty? The order from Moldlily has no tracking information and I do not see how to message the seller. I do see where it says to expect my order June 12 but its June 9 and I am anxious without seeing shipping progress. I'm unsure if it shipped. Lastly, none of my orders post on this PayPal app nor Moldlily either. Please help. Thank you.

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