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My Phoenix SEO Business

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(this post didn't seem to fit anywhere else, so - I guess - off topic it is Smiley Wink)




Hey there,


My name's Bradley Barks - I'm an entrepreneur and fitness buff from here in Arizona. 


I'm been working online for over a decade now, doing SEO marketing for myself, as well as local and national businesses. I have to say, PayPal has been a pivotal piece of the puzzle since the very beginning. 


Now, I will say there's been a few bumps and bruises over the years, but like most good companies, PayPal has steadily improved as time has gone on. I really have to give everyone involved at PayPal props and kudos for constantly improving and making the experience as a business owner that much smoother.


Also, since I'm here, I might as well mention, if you're looking to be gain more exposure, build your brand and reach more customers, I'd be happy to assist - whether it's Phoenix or nationwide, let's see what makes sense for growing your business with SEO.


To get in touch with me, please use this contact form over on SEOSatori.


Otherwise, I'll be hanging around the community to help - I have experience with PayPal on the business side of things, so I'd be happy to help any small business owners with their PayPal setup or questions.


Thanks again PayPal,



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