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Linking PayPl and Ebay for Selling Not Working

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I have been trying to sell items on Ebay. PayPal is the most trusted and easiest means of payment on Ebay, but buyers have not been able to select PayPal as a payment option. I did some research and have gone through the process of attempting to link the two services together, but have had no luck. Is there anything that I am missing or do not know about?


Below is a link of what I have tried:


Linking PayPl and Ebay for Selling Not Working

PayPal Employee

Hi @ScarletMexican 

Thank you for reaching out to the PayPal Community Forum!


All the steps are done via

Please click the link below.


To ensure that this is successful, the final step would say "Return to eBay". Make sure to do this to complete the setup.


Hope this helps!

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