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Item not recieved

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I ordered an item for my son for is birthday from matrix and for some reason paypal got involved and before that i always got product deliered next day or day after after all j did pay 4.99 got delivery so why as the money been taken quick but slow on delivery..i get there is an outbreak but he needs the supplement i am very unhappy with paypal p.s i also have reciept to prove i paid for item ...

Item not recieved

PayPal Employee

Hi @Jay_peers 


Sorry to hear you had a problem with your order. Though PayPal does not have a control as to when the seller is going to ship the item or when it's going to be delivered if it's being shipped already. But that does not mean PayPal cannot help in any way. If this is a payment that was completed using your PayPal account, definitely, you are covered with purchase protection. You can file for a dispute if you still have not received you item.

Here's how:

Log in to your PayPal account

Locate and click payment transaction in your PayPal account activity
Click "Report a problem"
Click “I didn't receive an item I purchased”.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for using PayPal community forum and stay safe.

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