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I am flipping money with friends and family

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look just leave me alone ok I know what I am doing here ok and I don't know what y'all are saying or trying to say to me about payments what payment's I don't owe y'all nothing at all I have never had money on my cards to even to use them and the that **bleep** u say about the money pool what is that it doesn't work I have tryed it and it don't work at all so I went a nother route and my family and friends sent me some money on here and all I do is just send it back and then they send me more money and it just gos on & on intil the game is over and who ever had has the most money Winn's ok so leave me alone OK

I am flipping money with friends and family

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No idea what you are on about, if you have issues with your account then contact customer services.

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