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How do I get Paypal to answer questions?


How do I get Paypal to answer questions?

When I email them, they just send a form letter.  The question is ignored and a form response is given.  I have replied to them with completely different questions, and still get a verbatum response each time.  I tried calling.  The Phone reps have clearly been taught to avoid answering questions.  They avoid, change subjects, do anything not to answer anything.  If you make it a simple yes or no question, they still won't answer.  The last time, I asked the rep, "is Paypal an honest company?"....should have been an easy yes, he wouldn't or couldn't answer that.  I have been on the phone for 20 minutes and not received a single answer to any question.


So, is there a trick to getting actual answers from Paypal?

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Re: How do I get Paypal to answer questions?



We can advise on how to contact customer services, but we can't advise if they don't help you.

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Re: How do I get Paypal to answer questions?

EVERYONE BEWARE.  Paypal retaliated against us for asking them a question they didn't want to answer.  They have suspended our account because we asked them to explain a conflict we found in their records.  Just for asking that question and no other reason they suspended our account.


So, be careful when you ask them questions.