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Hermes deliveries

New Community Member

Hermes deliveries

I sold 19 items on Ebay and 16 have been delivered ok. The other 3 are stuck in the Hermes delivery chain. The Ebay and Hermes website tracking show different delivery status. I've tried to contact Hermes but do not have an email address. I cannot talk to a human being, only a computer that cannot grasp the problem. IT sends me round in circles.


The last updates on the Hermes tracking site was April 2nd. 


Can anyone help with how I can communicate with Hermes to resolve this problem.


Many thanks for any help

PayPal Employee

Re: Hermes deliveries

Hi @sootybelle Welcome to PayPal Community. Unfortunately, we don't have here in PayPal Hermes' contact information since they are a third party company. However i believe you can get their contact information like phone number or email address as well as their business hours from their website. Keep safe!