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Has the option to go the the PayPal classic site gone forever?

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A little over a month ago I could still go to the classic site view, to find information of people that bought from me and I needed to send money return to or send them a follow up invoice, so I needed their PayPal email address. That looks to be gone forever now (of course without any form of announcement, (privacy pretext or explanation) as over the whole playing field  I have been noticing a massive trend at corporate sites, from eBay,PayPal to other financial institutions as credit card companies and insurance companies to structurally hide, make it difficult or plainly withhold more and more information and data to us the end users. Information that was recently readily available for practical use, but is now unaccessible. It is sickening but sheds a light on how corporations lost their concept of service and respect for the end-users, clients that are vastly charged endless fees, but are not provided anymore with transparant information for checks and balances on the interactions and transactions we do with them. What do you think? What can we do to bring this ongoing development to a halt, report on it and counter it? Action needs to be taken. Too bad the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau is pretty much dismantled by Trump's wrecking ball Mick Mulvaney, cause it would have been a perfect project for them to go into this.

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