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Great Job Frank G.

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Today I called in needing assistance with the church account. I was connected to a great representative Frank G. He was so patient, kind and considerate despite my constantly asking questions. He walked me through every question and the different features of this platform. I could not let this day go by without saying how much of a blessing he was to me. He sent me links, walked me step by step through the pages and never changed the kindness in his voice.  I even joked and made a statement of how awesome he was just in case someone was listening on the call. He deserves a reward for his excellent customer service. I know a lot about great customer service as I just retired from a major communications company with 21 years of service. He did a fantastic job! May God bless him and keep him is my prayer and may his kindness take him to higher heights within the company. - submitted by T. Shannon, DCO - Palace of Praise Church 


Great Job Frank G.


Hi @PalaceOfPraise,


Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback! We appreciate your willingness to share your good experience!




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