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Fund for Wildlife Rescue and Feeding

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Fund for Wild-Life Rescue and Feeding


I am going to try to do something for the wild life in Australia

It’s a mere drop in an ocean of desperate need and suffering, but

the ocean is made up of ‘drops.’

I will take a four-wheel drive and a few helpers into the fire grounds

focussing on the South Coast of New South Wales with the intention

of setting up feeding and watering portals for animals and birds that

have survived the fires. These portals will be maintained and the public,

wherever possible will be encouraged to contribute water and food.

I will also pick up any wild life that requires medical attention and

transport to a nearby animal rescue facility, sanctuary, animal refuge or veterinary practice for care.


Currently I have very limited resources to do this work and my own home

is just a few kilometres north of the gigantic and raging ‘Border Fire.’

If you have experience in the field of wild life rescue and are able to

apply immediate first aide, or if you just care deeply and want to assist me

in the field, I need a few capable, helping hands.


Also needed, will be the funds to purchase some basic equipment for wildlife

rescue and for the watering troughs  feeders and the food supplies, fuel and

so on.





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