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Friend sent us a digital gift card we can't use. Can we trade it in for one we can?

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Partner's birthday is tomorrow, and a friend sent him a digital gift card through PayPal for a grocery store (Safeway), and the nearest place we can use it is two and a half hours away from us. We'd use it if it were closer. We looked into their subsidiaries and all stores where we can use it - no luck, unless we want a case of liquor (we don't, and neither do any of our friends or relatives, so they're not willing to accept a trade for cash). We can't sell it at one of those brick-and-mortar gift card places, since 1. it's digital and 2. they won't accept a card for a place that's so far away. She sent us the card not only for his birthday, but because we're in a bad financial spot (partner not working steadily anymore due to COVID), so we actually do need the groceries/money. What can we do with this thing? We're in a bind since we've got bills due, like, now and we're running low on pretty much everything necessary, so we're not in the best position to sit around waiting 3-5 or 10 days for a website to pay us for the card, although we'll do that if we have to. I just want to know what our options are.

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