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Experience with international money transfer that owned.

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For international money transfer with that purchased recently who is the parent company of, I've seen many posts out there with disappointment results from paypal users that tried to used to transfer money internationally.  Folks, as a paypal community when dealing with, we ought to demand better service directly from Paypal who is the parent owner of ( splattered in the's site as the place for international money transfer source).   So I will tell you all as a long time customer how my experience with was like (which in my opinion is no different than dealing with Paypal directly since Paypal owns sense?), and how this company that bought recently ( and nominated as the main source of international money transfer company under the umbrella of was like (  


I have recently (about 2 months or so) involved in a charity event in Vietnam where my financial contribution to the funding of a family in Vietnam would results in life or death situation for an 8 months old baby that has a heart condition since birth.  My money, my funding sources as a direct contribution from my part results in how this baby survived a major surgery  or not.  I have been using to send the funds to the same mother of this child since December 2018 and January 2019 - with alot of hassled from from enquiry why I sent the money to this family so many times, but they did passed it through to her eventually.  January 8 2019, this decided to close my account, and the gall of all the reason why they closed my account was because - they said they are not obligated to tell me why.   I called, I called  None of these two child and parent company are willing to tell me exactly why they closed my account.  They claimed it is their right per contract agreement.  So, this baby that is in ICU (intensive care unit) that has the heart condition in Vietnam, and I can't send any money back to the family to help with the medical costs all of certain... so I asked you the American people who use and, is this right?  None of them will tell me why my account was closed.  Paypal deny any involvement in this case that I openned because they claimed that they are "not trained" to handle issues. claimed that they can terminate their customer's account any time without ...get just cause to the customer that they closed the account on.


These two companies are so irresponsible with other people's lifes when the parent company claimed no responsibility in the matter that they ought to, in regard to the child company ( that they owned.  IF I did something wrong in my money tranfer activities where I violated some clauses from paypal or xoom, then I demand to know what I did.  They have not provided any reasons or just cause before they closed my account.  They put my sponsored family in a medical hot spot because I could not send my own funding resources back to vietnam at the moment when the family in vietnam needed most when the baby with the heart condition is in the hospital in ICU unit.  Oh sure I have found other international transfer companies that would do the same job as, but this incident and the seriousness of this issue needs to be known to all American who use these two companies.  I am extremely disappointed with this two companies.   This is a case where class action suite may follow.  I have not finished fully escalating all of my options yet as a consumer of and  To, you can not claim ignorant on this issue (yes I have contacted you) just because you are not  You own, you deal with it.


Experience with international money transfer that owned.

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I suspect it is due to new regulations concerning anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist funding, US Patriot Act and other similar regulations PayPal has to ensure nothing irregular or suspicious is going on or if PayPal/Xoom feels it is risky for them because there are so many payments and they don't want to hold the bag in case you file dispute or it is unauthorized transaction. PayPal have the right to revoke your use of their service to you. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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