Dictation vs Transcript

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I'm a victim of domestic violence with a 12-year old soccer player.  She's wreaking the havoc in this the war of roses that exist in the tainted biased outcome of a divorce manipulatd in the legal system to further convalute and construct yet another form of domestic violence.  Justice is the process of fairly judging, by which questionable actions are confirmed when that which can be confirmed is denied or not provided in a timely manner.  A "lie" is the outcome of an untruth delivered or truth withheld for any length of time. It's striving to avoid notice, secret, biding ones time to prepare for action, keep in kiding, etc...   I'm currently lacking justice in my survival efforts.  It's been a cold and slippery experience, just ice not justice in the Gwinnett County Judicial system from criminal to civil services of protection.


Join me in bring awareness to the massive connection and criminal where with all that is used to violate some people from which they are charged with protecting. 

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