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Dictation vs Transcript

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Court Reporters are reponsible for accuracy in taking recorded dictation and transcribing it into a transcript for a legal purposes. The court reporter, Crystal <removed>, the agency's owner, Pavon <removed> of North Georgia Court Reporters (NCGR), and a motion filed in court, Gwinnett County Superior Court in Georgia, under Judge Randy <removed> all deny providing confirmation for the accuracy of the dispuited transcript, by failing to allow receipt of the dictation recording.  The funds charged of $1,900 (cost of having dictation transcripted), $209 (cost of having dictation recorded), $230 (cost of motion for recorded dictation) were incurred for a end product that can not be used due to inaccuracy.  Shouldn't the court reporting agency be accountable for all cost incurred directly related and possible the cost of all legal expenses incurred through out the case that can not be address out of the lact of accountability in not verifing accuracy.   

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