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Hello all, I've been buying items with paypal credit (pay in 4 months). The problem came up when I checked my bank account and paypal had taken out a payment from my bank not paypal credit as i opted for. My paypal credit page had "pending "(4 months credit) with a second transaction that was also pending but had not come out of my bank account. After ringing up paypal I talked to a nice guy who said his screen said I opted to pay with my debit card not paypal credit. I explaned I had used the system for some months and I had not made that mistake and Both the transactions made that weekend are pending as paypal credit but one of them was taken out of my debit account . quote: "That most be a glitch " he said.


This is a problem in the system but ofcourse this programing error or type of glitch would not happen when you select paypal credit button or would it? Two transactions both on the credit page as credited to my paypal account (pending) and then one them also taken out of my account. Could you have payed twice for one transaction. I checked back 6 months to make sure.


Be aware paypal has system errors and don't take for granted that paypal payment "you selected" is the one you will get.                        Thank you

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