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Beware of scamming website

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     there seems to be massive scam campaign via website

Symptoms are every time the same, you will order mobile phone, pay via PayPal and you will receive 2$ earplugs, so in order to claim your money back you must send them back to China for 4 x higher price. Even more funny is, that they are trying to contact you via Whatasapp and with very bad English they are trying to convince you to close the dispute (attached screenshots below) claiming, that they sent earplugs instead of mobile phone by mistake (in this case probably to scammed hundred customers).


They are operating from this address:




Ordered mobile phonesOrdered mobile phones


Received earplugs












Beware of scamming website

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Loads of companies in China etc using this sort of scam, been ongoing for years.

Just read up on buyer protection and 'risk assess' who you are trusting to trade with.

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.

Beware of scamming website



Thank for your reply.

Apparently this is first time I was scammed by somebody from China and first time, that somebody is trying to use PayPal for it.

I believe, that is perfectly fine to warn also other PayPal customers before this scamming seller im order to save their money and time spend for claiming them back.

As you can see, amount of scammed buyers is growing.


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