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Another forum newbie, but very long time Paypal user


Another forum newbie, but very long time Paypal user

My name is Mike. I first got on the Net in the fall of 98. Remember Windows 98? Smiley Wink Long time ago.


I made my first website in 99 at Remember the free hosting from those days? I then made more sites, and in Jan 2001 started moving my sites to real domain name sites and using paid hosting. A few months later, I got myself a reseller account because it was cheaper than paying for each individual site. Once I got the hang of how that worked, I started offering hosting to family and friends. I also opened my Paypal account in May 2001 so my online friends could pay that way for my services.


n April 2002, after studying how to manage a server, I switched from a reseller account to my own dedicated server. It was a bit more expensive, but I liked the advantages it gave. In August 2002 I went into the website hosting business. That business has been like a roller coaster, so I've been doing home renovations as well, and adjusting my time on that as needed.


Some of my hobbies/interests:

  • Internet
  • Photography - taking pictures, not having mine taken, and teaching photography
  • Electronics - resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits - the tiny parts that make everything work - used to make my own projects
  • Woodworking - liked doing all my life - started professionally 3 months ago
  • Working with metals, plastics, glass, many different materials - I like making things
  • Church and Jesus - I wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for him
  • Children - don't have any of my own, but have had many in my life - I love helping and doing things for children
  • Websites - I have many of them, business, personal, helping, and of course about 100 clients

I won't give my age, but will say that I was 35 when I first got on the Net. Smiley LOL


Anyway, we're allowed to include 1 link here, so the most logical one would be my hosting business since this is the Internet, but a more logical one would be my newest business, woodworking, but nope. The most important thing to me in this life is children, and the most important thing with children is trying to make a difference in a very widespread problem called abuse, so of all my websites, the one I'd like to tell you about the most is this one...


1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. Many children are abused in many ways. In the old days, if we were to see or hear someone abuse their child, we would mind our own business, but we can't do that. We need to work together to do something about abuse. The odds are even good that someone reading this is an abuser. Whether you want to help, or want help yourself, there is material for you on that site.


Enough of that topic. I won't be a highly active member here. I have accounts at several message boards, but not the time to spend on them, just like I have a facebook and twitter page, but hardly ever post on them or go to them, but I will be here once in a while.


Talk to ya later.