A Farewell from PayPal_Adrian

PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi everyone!


Six years ago I was provided an opportunity to join the PayPal Community Help Forums as one of our first Moderators.  Over those years I have managed, maintained, and looked over the PayPal Community Help Forums, not only as a Moderator but eventually as an Administrator. 


Along the way I've watched our collection of boards and topics grow and thrive online.  I've been honored to meet thousands of our Community members, from new posters with only a single question to those with thousands of comments and an immense presence in the boards.  I can't thank each of you enough for the work you do here, in the Community, every day, making it a great place for everyone to learn a little bit about PayPal. 


Today is officially my last day as a Moderator and Administrator in the PayPal Community Help Forums.  Don't worry - I'm not leaving PayPal - just taking on a new role outside of the Community with new challenges.  You still might see me around, answering a few questions here and there, but I won't be an official or regular part of the moderation team, just an employee who likes to help out Smiley Happy


When you think about it - that isn't much different from what I do today, and that thought makes me very, very happy. 


With warmest regards,



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New Community Member

Hi Adrian,


Looks like you've been doing good work for Paypal.  All the best to your new job!  


I'm actually writing to ask a question about one of your posts.  That's a post about how to recognize or identify if an email is from Paypal.  In it, you said that Paypal always greets me by first and last name.  I just checked - it only greets me by first name,  Is this correct?



Thanks for confirming! 

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