Reclamo y reembolso por no haber recibido producto pagado $146.00

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In this case I brought to PayPal about a seller, that has not sent a product I bought in January of this year, and apparently wouldn't arrive until, who knows when. I asked them to give me a refund. They said that they had not even sent out the product yet but would get back to me, but they never er did. I was reclaiming another product at the same time and accidentally sent a message to the above seller about the other products I had received the wrong products, but that message was for another case (Cast Iron Skillets) it says that in the message. They then ran with that mistake and declared that since a product had arrived they'd give me 10 dollars a recompense, for something I never received and cost $146.00. But since I had accidentally wrote that the wrong article arrived they have PayPal helping them to make me send back a product I never received at my own cost to them so they'll give me the refund when it arrives with no damage. I haven't received it so I can't send it. I want my refund, I never got the product. Here's the information: 

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ID de caso de controversia:
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Fecha de la transacción: 15 de enero de 2020


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I await your confirmation. Thanks. 

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Hola JAS54

Si has abierto la controversia de producto no recibido pido que espere hasta que el vendedor conteste la disputa.


Muchas Gracias

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