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Unauthorized payments to USPS...en masse!!!

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Unauthorized payments to USPS...en masse!!!

Hello everyone,


Here's a new twist on the Microsoft hacks/scams:


Got notified in my email that funds had been received. Very puzzled, because I hadn't been using my Paypal since over a YEAR now. Then within minutes suddenly notifications for 13 shipping labels through USPS come in. Now convinced something must be wrong, I open a new browser tab to log into Paypal myself. And there, lo and behold, are two incoming transactions of $273 from two ppl I never heard of, and 13 shipping labels of $19.xx each (don't remember right now the cent amount) issued. Recipient = another person I have never heard of living in TX. So, knowing that I neither printed or otherwise initiated those labels, I went ahead and voided them all out, then went into my account, removed all other (old) email addresses I still had on file (but know that I cancelled/deleted them before due to change of ISP years back), changed my password and my security questions for password retrieval, and then also cancelled all my subscription for automatic payments (I didn't have any more things going there, so I just went ahead and also cancelled them to be just on the safe side.)


Then I send out another message to Paypal customer service explaining to them and asking them help to monitor my account, as I am not even in the USA now!!!


So I thought ok, done all I could. Now, I didn't bother to attempt to withdraw the remaining funds which were solely from those two incoming unknown senders, anticipating already that something very fishy is going on there.


Today then I receive 4 emails from Paypal about the refund claims for those shipping labels. 4 of them had been used already, but...also the funny part, their tracking system shows there's been an acceptance for all of them in BROOKLYN, NY, and being shipped to all kind of places, but NOT where those labels on my Paypal account said they should have gone.


Yes, I still do have my residential address and an open bank account in the USA, but my phone numbers on file of course don't work anymore. And since the new phone is in international address format, I can't change the number either. So I am a bit worried now that I will still be held responsible by Paypal for those shipping labels and looking also for another way to contact Paypal (except of course having to make the international call to their CS in the US!)


Anybody fighting right now the same issues and how did Paypal manage those issues for you? And how in the world can someone make shipping labels without actually going into the Paypal account?

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Re: Unauthorized payments to USPS...en masse!!!

Same this happened to us, $600 worth of usps shipping  labels fraudulenty produced from our business pay pal account.3 calls to pay pal, 2 to usps. over 6 hours on the phone  No help from either.were out $600. Items shipped from NY, AZ, PA  all to russian block countries express mail.  While on hold i hear "your pay pal account it 100% safe from unauthorized transactions". Such bull. Id sure like to see the IP address these came from. Pay pal is always linking accounts. Shouldnt be too hard to see these didnt come from our computer

Dear ######,

Thank you for contacting PayPal in regard to the claims you initiated on December 17, 2011 involving transactions you reported as unauthorized. My name is ### and I spoke with you on a couple of different occasions yesterday about this issue. I promised to investigate further and follow up with you by this evening.

I did further investigate the issue. When claims are filed for unauthorized transactions, PayPal carefully checks your account history to see if any unusual activity occurred at the time the transactions in question were processed. Inconsistencies are quickly revealed in your account logs which can point to unauthorized account access. In your case, there were no unusual log ins that deviated from your normal log in patterns at the time the transactions were submitted.

Whoever accessed your account and submitted the label purchases would need to be someone who has access to your log in credentials and accesses the account routinely from the same location(s) routinely. If anyone else has access to your PayPal account, you might want to see if they are aware of the labels.

Please contact PayPal with any additional questions.



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Unauthorized payments to USPS... Still at Large =/

Add me to the Unauthorized USPS Label scam... I was dinged 8 times on 12/23/2011. Still under investigation.

Current status: Contact seller... Man Frustrated



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US Postal Service
-$24.79 USD



Re: Unauthorized payments to USPS... Still at Large =/

Just received this from Paypal...

We've finished reviewing your unauthorized activity claim and you'll
receive a refund for the transaction amount. It may take up to 5 business
days for the funds to appear in your account.



All inquries resolved. Thanks Fraud Department for refunding all of my money back....
Hope this positive post helps those who are in Limbo. :smileyhappy: