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Be aware, these websites do not honor cancellations of annual subscriptions through their interfaces.  You must also cancel the auto subscription authorization in PayPal which most people do not know they have to do.  These companies intentionally defraud customers by not honoring cacellation of annual subscription that auto bill credit cards or PayPal.  They "ignore" your cancellation request and since you have to wait a year to validate that it was indeed cancelled you the buyer think you have taken care of issue.  Then one year later you get another charge, there is not record of your cancellation in most cases after a year (who keeps an automated email response from a year ago), PayPal and credit card companies have no real evidence to support you in your dispute and unless you have deep pockets to launch legal actions over the $60.00 fraud that was initiated, you the buyer are left out in the cold and these criminals continue to make millions while aslo clogging your email with mass marketing spam.

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That's why they and a bunch of similar scammers have been investigated by the US Senate.

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