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Paypal took my money!

Someone has fraudulantly taken approx £60 from my paypal account.  I could not report this sooner - unfortunately the person who took it changed all my personal details on my account including email address, password, bank details, security questions, etc.  This all happened within 5 minutes - I received emails informing me of all these changes to my account!  There was no way I could get access to Paypal again unless I set up a new account.


Therefore today, I have set up a new account with the hope that I can contact someone in Paypal who will hopefully respond to this and refund my £60 that went missing from my account!


I have tried several times calling your helpline with no success, as the person on the other end of the phone did not understand my issue and spoke little english!


I also sent an email and have had no response to this. I have forwarded this again today so I await your response.


Thanks for your help.