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Farmer100 Scam

New Community Member

Farmer100 Scam

Hello everyone!

I recently fell into a scam from the website I purchased an account with them, and did not recieve the information for that account. I tried to contant them and get it but the did not send me anything until I opened a dispute. It was then they told me to cancel it and go onto their page and push the refund button, only I checked first for this refund button and there was none. So I wanted to make everyone aware of this site that way they do not make the same mistake as I did by purchasing from them!

Thank you!

New Community Member

Re: Farmer100 Scam

I was also scammed by them.  I have not received any email from them. Paypal is just as guilty as they KNOW it is a scam website and they should be banned or at least have a warning about this place when I go to pay with my supposedly "safe" paypal account.


I am just as mad at paypal as I am at these scammers.