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ER Solutions, Inc. --> Fraudulent Collections Letter

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ER Solutions, Inc. --> Fraudulent Collections Letter


PO Box 1022
Wixom MI 48393-1022

ER Solutions, Inc.
10750 Hammerly Blvd #200

Houston, TX 77043

ER Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 9004
Renton WA 98057-9004

Date: 03/07/2011

Creditor: Paypal Inc.
Client Account #: ########
ERS Account #: ########
Principal: $279.29
Total Balance: $279.29

"Our client has advised us that they are willing to settle for 50% of the balance due. If you accept this offer, our client will cease further collections efforts on this account but will not consider the account paid in full or reinstate your account. Your account may be reinstated only if you pay the entire amount of the outstanding debt...."

-- Jennifer Peden, 866-291-6364, Debt Collector


Firstly, Paypal is linked to my bank account so why would they ever need to force collections when they could just take the funds at any time? Secondly, my account is fully functional and does not need to be reinstated.


ER Solutions, Inc. sent the above letter trying to collect on debt related to Paypal Inc. in the amount of $279.29. My Paypal account is in pristine standing and has always been so. I went through a thorough credit history check back in October 2010 in order to get my security clearance with the Navy. There were no entries regarding Paypal listed at that time. In fact, there wasn't much of anything listed period! This letter from ER Solutions, Inc. also includes three (3) different addresses shown above. It is complete garbage that this company is contacting me and attempting to collect on a fake debt in an effort to phish my Paypal account.


I filed a complaint with the FTC and hope that Paypal will take action against ER Solutions, Inc. for using Paypal's name for fake colelctions purposes.