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Usurious Fees to Receive $

Received $100.  Fee of $4.20.  My math says fee should be NO MORE THAN 2.9% + .30 which would be $3.20.  Is the extra dollar just a bonus for PayPal?  I wonder what they charge the sender?  THIS IS NOT FAIR TRADE

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Re: Usurious Fees to Receive $

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I know you won't be able to reply to this post, as during the recent upgrade all existing posts were moved to the Archives (which is where this post is now located).  If you have more questions regarding fees, they can be placed in the new Community, located here.


The standard fee for receiving a domestic based payment (from someone in your own country) is 2.9% plus thirty cents.


However, if the person who paid you isn't in the same country, there is an additional 1% added to the processing cost - receiving payments internationally carries with it an increased processing cost.


Based on the amounts you provided, it appears the individual who paid you is not located in the same country.


More information about our fees can be located at





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