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Question about the sales fee combined with Etsy.

On Etsy they charge a 3.5% fee to the total of the sale, and paypal charges 2.9 percent of the sale. So on a $5 sale, would paypal charge 2.9% from the $5 sale or the $4.83 that I would make after Etsy has applied it's fee?

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Re: Question about the sales fee combined with Etsy.

Welcome to the boards!


I apologize that you won't be able to respond directly to this post - the Community was recently upgraded, and all existing posts were moved into the Archives.  If you have more questions (or would like to check out the new neighborhood), check it out here.


In regards to your question, the PayPal fees depend on the amount you receive into your PayPal account.  PayPal charges the associated processing fees based on the total amount received.





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