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we need to confirm it’s you


we need to confirm it’s you

Dear paypal- team, since i have my account, everytime i want to send someone money it says: ,we need to confirm it’s you’ and after 24h, the money is sent back to me. The problem isn’t that, but that i cannot confirm it’s me because it doesn’t say how i can do that! I’ve send you a picture of my passport, i’ve confirmed my phone number and email. What else can i do? People are getting tired of me buying something from them and then having to cancel it because if this issue. Please tell me how i can confirm it’s me or please do your best to fix this issue if you can! Thank you. Best regards, Ulrike Kassem

Re: we need to confirm it’s you

Ahoi uli181,


Thank you for your contribution to our community.


You might want to send an unusually large amount through your PayPal account that exceeds your previous payment behavior?


The payment may have been rejected by our system for security reasons, this can also happen if you transfer your data encrypted by using a VPN.


Be sure to contact our colleagues by phone or website messenger for verification.