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Options for Donating

My non-profit, Pro-Bone-O (, currently has a PayPal donate button on the donation page of its website. I just visited another non-profit's site and it has a very nice option for PayPal donations: a specific dollar amount with a drop-down for one time, monthly, quarterly, annual options:

"I would like to make a $____   one time  monthly  quarterly  annual   donation via PayPal"


Unfortunately, PayPal stripped the images. There is an actual box for individuals to enter a whole dollar amount and the payment options are actually in a drop-down box, followed by the Donate button. And I can't see a way to attach an image, so I hope my description makes sense.


I would like to know how to do the same, but can't seem to find directions to do so. I would appreciate any help with creating this option for Pro-Bone-O. It would be perfect for our organization.





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