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Help I dont know how to make my donation page without my email.

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When people go to donate my personal email is on the top rather than my business one. Can anyone help me remove that and/or replace it with the business name?


Help I dont know how to make my donation page without my email.

PayPal Employee

jonimacdesigns, welcome to the boards!


First, you'll want to make sure the email address you want is registered to your PayPal account and confirmed. 


Next, you'll want to edit your button in your Profile - go to My Saved Buttons and click on edit for the button in question.  If you're not sure which one is the button on your website, I would just make a new one from the "Merchant Services" tab on the top of the page instead.


On the next page, there is a "Merchant account IDs" section. 


Select the "Use my primary email address" option.


Choose the email address you want to show from the dropdown.


Click on "Save changes."


If you had to make a brand new button, make sure to switch it out on your website and you'll be good to go.


One last thing - when someone sends you a payment through the new button, the notification will go to the new email address.


Hope this helps!





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