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item in portugal

hi, im new here, i appreciate any help,  i saw an ebay listing for a genuine rolex watchband, its way below the cost new, it is a current year used like new piece. before i got a chance to bid on it the item was removed by ebay here is the ebay explanation of removal


160686247778 - Rolex Oyster 97200 20mm Submariner 116610 men's band bracelet stainless steel

We understand this may be disappointing, but occasionally we need to remove listings. In this case, the listing was removed because the copyright or trademark owner of this product reported that the item may be counterfeit.

this sounds to me that rolex had it removed


i have been in contact with the seller, he will sell it to me directly by me paying him directly with my paypal account. if its a fake or reproduction i dont care, if it is as nice as it looks its still worth what he wants for it. my questions are :

1) am i covered for my purchase if it does not come or it is not as described knowing that ebay removed for the possibility of being fake ??


2) am i correct in thinking that my payment to this person is only released to him from paypal on my behalf after i confirm reciept and satisfaction of the item to paypal ??


3) all you kind people with expierence, any thoughts on this ??? here a few lines of our conversations to look at, thank you so much for your input on this, i truly appreciate it

me :

im interested in the 20mm stainless band you listed that was removed, 160686247778 - Rolex Oyster 97200 20mm Submariner 116610 men's band bracelet stainless steel please contact me asap, maybe we could do a buy it now

seller :

Thank you for contact.
Yes it was removed.
Already contacted ebay to find out the reason!
Make your proposal


What year is it from please??

seller :

Bracelet is year 2010 to submariner 116610 is like new.
I bought case, movement 3135, Papers and bracelet


i have around $350, please reply

seller :

Accepted $ 350 per bracelet
Shipping next day after payment confirmation
How do you want payment?
Please answer quickly
Are 2.00 am in Portugal
I'm tired and I sleep


i want to pay with paypal on an ebay buy it now, email me tomorrow morning, i need to get my credit card info on my paypal account. email me tomorrow when you are ready to post it as a buy it now and ill buy it as soon as you post it, im on my computer all day, ill wait to hear from you tomorrow, please reply now that will work for you, ill wait here, thank you

seller :

The bracelet is for submariner 116610
It is quiet
Do not be mistaken.
When you're ready send email
I put buy it now at this time
Thanks again
Now go to sleep

me :

one last thing, i want the submariner band, not the gmt band, thank you

seller :

Hello Friend!
Thank you for answer.
I'm new on ebay I can not stop auction
For outo hand I'm limited to sales not exceeding $ 500dls per month.
This limitation ends next month.
I have two bracelets (116610) available
There are two possibilities
1 - Wait for the month of December will put on sale.
2 - Sending you my paypal account paid directly into my account 24 hours after I send tracking number
I want $ 350 + $ 15 dls dls (shipping costs)
What solution do you prefer?


once thanks again for the forthcoming input....kelly

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Re: item in portugal

Hey there,


The first thing I will say is that once payment has been sent, it is with the seller, there is no hold placed until you receive your item.


In relation to sending your payment through PayPal for a counterfeit item I regret that would be in breach of out Acceptable Use Policy and as a result not allowed through the PayPal system.

With regard to the buyer protection, if you are knowingly purchasing a counterfeit item then you would not be covered under PayPal buyers protection should the item arrive not as described.

A non-receipt case you could file however.


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