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Volunteer Advisor Aggressive Treatment


Volunteer Advisor Aggressive Treatment

I have just made me first ever post to the community for help and have received an extremely aggressive response from a 'volunteer advisor'.  Is there a way I can raise this?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Volunteer Advisor Aggressive Treatment



Your post was 'agressive' naming and shaming a seller on this public forum.


You did not like the fact that I thought you were an unreasonable buyer.


You also seem to think that you have the right to an opinion but no one on here else has one?


The only ''agression'' from me was to suggest you were being 'difficult' to the seller, compared to your total animosity to the seller, that was mild.


How would you feel if someone posted your photo on this forum and called you a difficult buyer like you have done to the seller?


If you have not received a refund from the seller and feel that you deserve one then contact your card issuer and do a chargeback.