Unauthorised Direct Debit


Wondering if anyone can help me?


I've had a direct debit go out of my bank account account today for £17.11 stating it's a Paypal Payment. I've had a look at my Paypal Profile and nowhere on there is a payment of that amount and I do not recall completing a transaction for this amount.


When I go to the 'resolution centre' it asks for a transaction ID, however as the amount is not showing on my Paypal account I do not have a transaction amount. I have a feeling if I go to my bank they will tell me I have to go to Paypal to get this rectified as it's set up as a Direct Debit therefore Paypal ultimately have the control over what goes out.


Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi TheJosieB


Are u sure it wasnt a part payment for a transaction ie part ppal funds and part bank funds?

Click details on your transactions and scroll down u might see the £17.11 as a part payment somewhere?


Remember when u make a payment from your bank it can take up to a week for the payment to be taken from your bank

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