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Suspected Fraud

New Community Member

Suspected Fraud

Dear PayPal Community,


I was searching a Facebook Ticket Exchange Group seeking tickets for a show which is sold out. I came across an individual who expressed they were selling tickets so a conversation was exchanged. Guidelines were followed to ensure protection. I had asked for a proof of tickets for the purchase and the platform to make the transaction was PayPal. 


I had sent two separate payments (a day apart) to this individual using my credit card. Stupidly, this was done via the Friends or Family option. Since I did Credit card, I was assuming it takes several days for the payment to process as the individual stated they didn't receive payment (I also was not sure if when you send someone a payment if they receive a confirmation notice right away). They had said to just cancel or they would refund a payment and we should use cash app (huge red flag and I started to get more suspicious). The individual kept insisting they wanted to get me the tickets right away...which was a little weird and kept bringing up cash app. 


Today I noticed the transactions went through on my credit card for the two payments and I reached out to the individual today to verify if they received payment. They did not and they said they did the option of refund to buyer (which seems rather odd to me b/c they said they didn't receive it)...but they sent some screen shot with a screen showing "You refunded the buyer" but it was generic with no other information to verify what was being refunded. 


Long story short it has to be a scam. I am just wondering what options I have here. Can I reach out to PayPal and provide the email address the funds were sent to and would they be able to determine who owns this paypal account and that information can be turned over to police? 


All in all I feel very stupid that this happened.



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Re: Suspected Fraud

Not sure if this helps but this is some recent messaging between us. But now I KNOW it's a fraud b/c the individual said "Paypal refunded it". 


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