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Problems keep arising with RapidRepair

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In december 2015 I send a broken ZUNE media player device to RapidRepair to have the battery replaced.
Upon arrival at rapid repair they stated the hard disk was also damaged.
I payed for $200 worth of repaircosts to have everything back in order.
I received the device back damaged, the mini-jack was ill-connected.

I started to have doubts about the company's quality and intentions.
First unexpected repairs, then it came back still damaged? What kind of repairservice does that?
I filed a dispute through paypal. I asked rapidrepair to take my device back and refund me for the parts still usable.
considering there was a brand new hard disk and battery in there that they charged me $165 for, I assumed they could refund me a little bit.

Even though their website states the following, they did not agree to refund me on the new parts, they did not let me choose the buyback option. I upgraded the dispute to a claim. "Once we complete the Diagnostic Testing on your device, we will call you or send an email with a detailed repair quote. If you choose to decline the repairs, we will ship the unit back to you. We buy broken iPods, iPhones, Zune players, and many other electronic devices. If you decline the repairs, ask about our buyback option. (Normally our buyback price includes return shipping charges at the time of the order. All buy-back quotes are valid for 14 days.)"

Paypal decided I should send the device back in for a final repair, considering it was still under RapidRapair warranty.
I did so and according to my postoffice it has been delivered two months ago. However RapidRepair does not contact me nor does it reply to my emails. I wish to reopen this claim. Not only did I pay for the repair costs and all the shipping costs associated with THEIR faulty repair, now they have also confiscated my device. This is unacceptable.

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