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Problem with length of open dispute!

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I had a buyer who opened a case on the 26th of July claiming he had made attempts to contact me without reply (he did not) so opened a case claiming the item had not arrived. I stated he could of "really" sent me an email stating nothing had arrived. So as a curtasy even though the buyer didn't ask the right way I issued a direct replacement & sent it recorded delivery. I sent this on the 30th July & the buyer received & signed for it on the 31st July. Tracking number was provided & the only think paypal have currently decided to do is to ask the buyer to review the information and has been asked to decide whether they would like to continue with this claim. 


To me, the claim is done with. The buyer has no doubt attempted to do what is all to common & claim via paypal not by ebay claiming the item did not arrive in an attempt to recover his money fraudulantly. If he had contacted me via eBay, eBay would have record of the conversation but he did not do this. The buyer has received his goods & proof of delivery provided & yet paypal are asking the buyer if he still wants to fraudulantly claim his money back. This is like asking the guy who robbed your house if he would like to recover his travel expenses for doing so. Its nothing more than a slap in the face to me as a seller.


Why are these people still allowed to fraudulently make claims. The buyer hasn't made any responce since opening the case or escalating the case as if he has nothing to say but try his luck at recovering his money for an item of which he has now received 2 of fraudulantly. 


This is making me wonder if I should avoid eBay & paypal because even when clear evidence is provided the buyer has been proven to be telling lies in a fraudulent attempt to recover his or her money, still favour the buyer in the majority of cases.


Problem with length of open dispute!

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A buyer can open a dispute on ebay OR paypal if they want to the choice is theres.


He did not receive an item so not sure why you are saying its a fraudulent claim !!!


As long as the tracking number shows DELIVERY of the item to the buyer then when paypal review the claim after the 10 days deadline (within 48 hours of that passing) then the claim should be closed.



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Problem with length of open dispute!


Hello there,


Make sure you add the correct tracking info to the claim for a start. If you don't PayPal won't close the case in your favor. So ring PayPal up if you're having problems with doing it.


Plus I think if he doesn't respond if he want's to continue with the claim, I think PayPal automatically think oh he must have received and close it in your favor.


Good luck 🙂

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