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Phishing Email led to unauthorised transaction

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Let's start off with me saying, I was a fool and should have noticed it was a phishing scam. 


I bought 2 CD holders from eBay, totalling £24.68. A few days later, I received an email from Paypal (at least what I thought was Paypal) telling me 'my purachase for eBay items totalling £24.68 has been put on hold due to account suspicious activity'. So I clicked the link, and was taken to the Paypal login page (again, at least what I thought was Paypal). Signing in, I was told of an error, and redirected back to the login page once more, after signing in again, I was taken to the official Paypal activity screen.


Then another few days later, I received an offical email from Paypal about $185 being transfered from my account. Instantly I knew this was an unauthorised transfer and reported it as so to the Paypal team following the unauthorised transaction steps on their website. The following day I received an email telling me that *We've reviewed your account and we're satisfied that your account is secure and there has been no access by a third party. For this reason, we're unable to proceed with your unauthorised payment claim.* Not the outcome I expected from a safe online payment service.


The following day I reported this to my bank (HSBC) and they removed the direct debit between Paypal and themselves straight away. Telling me this is the first step in stopping unauthorised transactions.


I've reported the transaction as unauthorised and fraud to Paypal, but have yet to hear anything back.

I called earlier today to check on any further development, to be greeted by a lovely Irish lady named Susan, she told me that the transaction looked weird (as all transactions on my account are in £ BGP, except this unuathorised one being in $ USD).

She told me that she's created an investigation ticket for the transaction to be looked at again and any outcome to be explained in further detail.


My Paypal account is now in the negative and I don't want to setup the link between Paypal account & bank account again until this is all sorted.


Has anyone had a similar experience like this? Is there anything else I should be doing?


Many thanks in advance.

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